Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Love Portland

Today is just one week away from Valentine’s Day. Whether you are planning your big date or planning or enjoying the evening on your own, there is plenty of potential excitement in Portland. As a city with a respected foodie scene, it is difficult to pick a bad restaurant in Portland. From vegan fare to that succulent steakhouse dinner, there are great choices for everyone. Looking for a movie? Grab a flick at the Nickelodeon downtown, or at one of several other area theaters. 

If you live in Portland, even if you try to miss Valentine’s Day altogether you may not. Portland Maine was the first city to be struck by the Valentine Phantom – plastering the city with valentines in public locations. Although this tradition has spread to other cities across the nation, it is a Portland original. 

Why do her residents love Portland so much? The answers are as numerous as residents of Portland. A few great starts to this mystery are Portland’s friendly communities and relatively low crime. To learn more about greater Portland area real estate, and condosfor sale in Portland Maine, call John Herrigel at 207-650-5383 or email johnherrigel@gmail.com.

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