Friday, May 27, 2011

Featuring Willard Beach, a Neighborhood in South Portland, ME

Conveniently located 3 miles from Portland’s Old Port district, South Portland’s Willard Beach is a comfortable neighborhood with a diverse range of homes for sale. From picturesque waterfront properties, to homes in the mid 200’s within walking distance of the beach, there is a something available suited to a variety of budgets, so if you are interested in great real estate buys and beautiful locations Willard Beach could be perfect.

Willard Beach Arboretum Flowers Willard Beach is a public beach connected to many attractions by maintained trails. Southern Maine Community College features an arboretum which lines a portion of the trail between Willard Beach and Fort Preble, one of the many historical land marks in the area. The beach is a favorite with locals, and it is free of admission, so it is perfect for a few hours of recreation in an otherwise busy schedule. The beach is also a preferred destination for dog walking during permitted hours.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Westbrook Maine Housing Report for May 2011

In the Westbrook Maine real estate market during the month of April, volume decreased 31% compared with April 2010, and 21% monthly. This illustrates that 11 residential properties sold at a median price point of 134K after sitting on the market for 162 days. The median sales price was down 27% compared with a year prior and 10% month over month. The Westbrook ME residential market volume has been lower than typical, but more cautious buyers in the marketplace and the comparative difference introduced to last year’s marketplace with the first time home buyer credit which bolstered the market can account for some of this difference. Inventory is increasing for the month of May.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 2011 Housing Report for Falmouth, Maine

The Falmouth Maine residential housing market saw 12 residential transactions take place in April 2011, down from 17 in April 2010. This reflected a 20% month over month increase and 29% year over year decrease in sales. The median price in April 2011 was 356K compared with 415K in April 2010 although this reflects a small sample size more than of actual price depreciation; in fact April 2011 saw a gain from a 317k average price in the first quarter this year.

As home owners prepare for warm weather of the summer season, more homes are going on the market in May. With spring in the air, Falmouth has wonderful places to enjoy the sunshine. Just around town, or visit the Falmouth Nature Preserve, where you dog is welcome to hike with you!

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May 2011 Real Estate Report for Yarmouth

The Yarmouth Maine residential real estate markets saw 7 transactions occur at a median price of 280K up from a 4% statistical price increase from April 2010, during the month ending April 2011. Overall this market remains stable. A few more houses available in April over March of 2010 reflect the general area trend that home owners often wait for warmer weather to sell. The town of Yarmouth, Maine features a classic New England style main street which a prime place to experience the local hospitality, either as a visitor or resident.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Freeport Maine Housing Report May 2011

The Freeport Maine residential real estate market saw 5 transactions close in April 2011. This was a statistical decrease of 29% compared with April 2010, although this may be a reflection of the success of the previous year’s first time buyer tax credit program. This year, sales were up 67% from March to April 2011 as the weather became warmer. Median prices in Freeport have risen from 195k in March to 380k in April this year, although this 95% monthly or 49% yearly jump comes from a small sample size.

This report was compiled by John Herrigel with the Herrigel Group, a local real estate broker with Green Tree Realty. For more info on the local Freeport Maine real estate markets please contact me directly at 207-650-5383 or via email at For more information about Freeport Maine, visit the Town of Freeport online.

Brunswick ME May 2011 Real Estate Report

For the month ending April 2011 the residential real estate markets of Brunswick, ME saw 10 condos and homes sell compared with 20 a year prior in April which represents a 50% volume decrease year over year. Housing prices in the Brunswick residential marketplace continue to stabilize with a statistical climb of 8% this month with the median price clocking in at 203K compared with 220K a year prior. The current inventory of homes on the market in Brunswick is slowly climbing, with 125 homes on the market in April of this year, compared to 115 just a month earlier.

To learn more about why Brunswick Maine is a great place to live, visit the Brunswick Downtown Association on the web.

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